An emerging IT company based here in central NJ contacted us in regard to designing their new office space in Matawan, NJ.  The owner of the company wanted to make sure each of his employees would have enough space to work comfortably and efficiently in this new location.  With expansion in mind, he wanted to have extra workstations built in each department for future hires.  As the previous space was very small, the owner was adamant that each department have its own physical location within the office.  Having the employees of each department sitting next to each other encourages collaboration, communication & cohesion.  He wanted a modern design with neutral colors.  With large windows running around the entire perimeter of the building, there's a ton of natural light flowing into this space.  We needed to stay low to the ground for this design so as to not block or interrupt this light.   And so we went to work.

We decided to use Hon's abound panel system once the owner decided he did not want all fabric on the panels.  The abound system let's you insert fabric, laminate, even whiteboard tiles, into each side of each panel.  We used Hon's harbor teak laminate tiles on the outside of the panels and a gray standard fabric for the inside.  We kept the panels low, at 35".  To achieve that modern flair, we added frameless frosted glass panes above most of the panels.  This brought their height up to 42"; still low enough, especially with the glass being semi-transparent on top.  We implemented a reverse color scheme, flipping the harbor teak & brilliant white colors between the workstations and private offices.  Every workstation received a full 'L' setup with a pedestal file.  The height of the panels made employees' privacy possible without cutting off communication between them.  We created groups of workstations for each department and added a couple extra stations in each.  They ended up with 7 stations in billing, 10 stations in customer service, 4 stations in tech support & 6 stations in development.

Our favorite space in this entire project, and the owner agreed, is the lounge / collaboration area in the corner.  We used some large free-standing mobile whiteboards for brainstorming and impromptu presentations.  Hon's Flock lounge chairs are sleek and very comfortable.  The vibrant color options really define the space by directly contrasting the neutral colors in the rest of the office.  They also needed a small reception desk near the main entrance & wanted it to be private yet functional and inviting.  The 35" panel frame height with the transaction counter above it allows for easy interaction with clients coming in while still providing privacy for the receptionist.  Black and white sofas were added in the corner across from the reception desk to create a small waiting area for clients.  We finished off the job in the conference room, dropping a Hon Preside 12' boat-shaped conference table in there.  The knife style edge and cube base give the table a sleek modern look.  A hospitality credenza at one end of the table provides some storage and counter space. 


IT Company Layout
Choopa Design Rendering.jpg