edison high school - edison, nj - MEDIA CENTER / LIBRARY

The superintendent of schools in Edison, NJ came to us with the idea to create a unique library/media space for Edison High School.  This space would ideally serve many purposes.  First and foremost, with NJ state standardized testing becoming completely computerized, the space needed to accomodate 250-300 desktop computer stations.  Second, there was to be a lounge area with a college feel to it.  Here, students could sit comfortably with their iPad or tablet, watch tv, work, read and relax.  The third piece of the puzzle was to incorporate the traditional aspects of a library, bookshelves & books, into the space.  The superintendent wanted to do this inconspicuously.  He didn't want the space to feel anything like his and his students' idea of an old dusty library.  This would essentially be a gift to the students of Edison High School.  A lounge where they could go do work independently, collaborate with other students or just hang out.  He wanted the students to want to go there.

We went directly to KI for this project.  They have a phenomenal computer table system called InTandem.  These tables come in an array of different color choices for both the base and the top.  They have a large integrated cable management system which hides all the wires and is easily accessible.  Any number of tables can be ganged together to form long rows of computer stations.  This saves space and is ideal for testing administration.  We experimented laying out these tables in the available space.  After going through dozens of different configurations, we came up with a final plan that comfortably housed 292 computer stations.  They chose to go with the Kensington Maple laminate tops and contrasted it with black bases and KI's 4-leg poly Strive chairs.  The school's colors are red and gold so they went with Cayenne (cherry red) color for the chair seat and matched it up with black legs.  With enough space left for the other components of the room, everybody was happy with this plan.

We here at Canton love lounges & collaboration spaces.  These areas really define a room.  They invite you in and it's hard to leave.  We didn't have a ton of space for the lounge and we certainly didn't want it to feel cramped.  KI has a number of lounge/club oversized seating options.  We chose their MyWay line.  It's a big comfortable chair with a tablet arm attached.  We found this beautiful Suburb fabric for the chairs.  It's a mainly red fabric with an almost golden hue to it.  This was perfect.   We stayed consistent with the Kensington Maple for the tablet arms.  We dropped a couple matching coffee tables in there.  The space is finished off by the adjacent counter height table & cafe stools.  We were able to combine the Cayenne red poly color, the Suburb fabric and black base for these seats.  The counter was custom built and was kept consistent in the Maple color.   The end result here was a beautiful space designed for the students' comfort and enjoyment!

We used KI's Crossroads library/shelving line for the 'library' portion of the room.  We lined the empty walls with 6 shelf bookcases and put a large circulation desk in the front of the room, all in the same Kensington Maple color.  The circulation desk has a built-in book return and ample workstation space & storage.  The bookcases & circulation desk have a classy and professional look but aren't the focal point of the space. 

Edison High School was beyond pleased with the final product here.  All goals were achieved and the space doesn't feel cramped, tight or overwhelmed.  We've been in contact with teachers and administration at EHS.  They are currently using the room as much as the students are.  They've held meetings in there as well as sponoring after-school programs & tutoring sessions.  Everyone at the school is utilizing and benefiting from this space and it was our pleasure to help create it for them!




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