edison high school - edison, nj - college center

The guidance department at Edison High School contacted us in regard to creating 2 small 'college centers' in a couple of empty classrooms they had available.  The idea here was to create spaces where students who were applying for different colleges/universities could go for assistance, advice and information about the different options they have.  A guidance counselor would be assigned to each room and would be there before, during & after regular school hours as to make it easily accessible to the students.   They had a strict budget for this project and a few compromises had to be made.

They wanted 3 oversized club/lounge chairs in each room.  Although they look great and are very comfortbale, unfortunately they were just too expensive.  We needed another option.  We decided to propose they go with these Hon 4000 Series guest chairs.  We presented them in red and gold fabrics, their school's colors, with black frames.  These chairs are considerably cheaper and placed around a small coffee/occassional table, give the appearance of a lounge space.  They're surprisingly soft and plush as well!

The one thing they were not willing to compromise on was the height of the round tables in the rooms.  The guidance department's supervisor wanted these college centers to have a university lounge kind of feel.  She decided that the counter-height tables with cafe stools were a necessary alternative to the standard height tables and chairs.  We agreed.  Ideally there would be 4 of these tables in each of the 2 rooms, with 4 chairs each, for a a total of 16 seats.  It was very tight fitting the 4th table & chairs in each room so we suggested they go with 3 tables per room.  This saved them money and helped open up & define the walkway through the rooms.


EHS College Center Layout
EHS College Center Rendering